Top 3 Hair Transplant Clinics In Istanbul

If you want to have more hair or lose the hair you have already lost, it will be necessary to undergo a hair graft, since otherwise that objective is impossible. Most of the time, baldness is due to a condition, not a disease. It arises based on certain genetic characteristics on the part of the patient, and is pronounced by the intervention of androgens, the male sex hormone, hence it is more common in men than in women. Thus, the most frequent cause of alopecia is the so-called androgenic alopecia. In the phase and two three the follicles are prepared and implemented. This technique is executed with a micro-perforating micro-motor called “Trilix”, whose diameter is less than one millimeter (0.8 – 0.5 mm), so the result is very precise.
You will likely experience some swelling in the forehead area and eye region after the surgery. As your doctor will tell you, this is completely normal and should go away within a few days. After the surgery, your doctor will advise you on how you should care for transplantation turkey your hair and what you should do to keep in good condition. Before looking into hair transplant Istanbul, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the entire process from start to finish. That’s why when it comes to hair transplant Turkey is the place to go.

Each Turkish hair transplant clinic must have permission to carry out such treatment, and it must be legally confirmed. Dr. Safiye Kurt — has been carrying out hair planting in Turkey for about 25 years. Has conducted 4,000 hair replacements, 500 of them with FUE method. Among her patients are royal families and the UAE Minister of Health. Dr. Mehmet Erdogan — a specialist in FUE and DHI hair replacement techniques with almost 10 years of experience. The price of a DHI hair transplant in Turkey depends mainly on the clinic and the surgeon’s experience.
Our specialized physicians will take full responsibility from patient evaluation over both the extraction and the restoration process to post-procedure care. The hair transplantation techniques can be unsettling for those with needle phobias, as often local anesthesia needs to be injected into the scalp area. But with the assistance of the modern medical technologies developed today, it is possible to complete an hair transplant procedure with a local anesthesia without using needles. In addition needle-free hair transplantation can be completed by using microsurgical techniques. During this method, local anesthesia is applied with a special device that does not have a needle at all.

Aesthetic centers are very developed because of the large number of artists and business people here. Therefore, the first city to be recommended for such procedures is Istanbul. As long as the rules to be followed in hair transplantation are followed carefully and diligently, it is an operation that ends in very satisfactory results. Natural appearances are obtained by hair transplantation procedure by today’s technology. Different psychological cases and avoiding social life that may appear on individuals by hair loss are resolved via hair transplantation. Dr. Yaman graduated from Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine in 2005.
"In medicine you cannot guarantee a result, you can expect some failures occasionally, but in hair transplantation this is at the very minimum," Tastemel said. After the harvesting, they are implanted in the areas where the patient has lost hair. The procedure takes around eight to 10 hours, while the tiny transplanted hairs can take weeks or months to take root and grow. The operation is carried out with Follicular Unit Extraction where tiny hairs are taken out one by one from areas where the patient still has hair like the nape of the neck. At the tourist hubs of Istanbul such as Taksim Square, it is hard to miss the men wandering around with shaved heads and bandages after their operations, proudly sporting the branded headbands of their clinics. Package offers for foreign patients include pickup from the airport, hotel accommodation, the surgery itself and tourism.
As ReHairIstanbul, we make the necessary plans for all kinds of comforts of our guests. We welcome them free of charge at Istanbul’s lux hotels, and we assign special interpreters for them. However, all transportation between the airport, the hospital, and the hotel are carried out using VIP vehicles and the drivers assigned to you. Because it is difficult for Syrians to find employment in Turkey, he says, many are afraid to leave their jobs despite long work hours and low pay. These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. Come and visit our clinic or simply send us an Whatsapp message anytime you want.

According to ISHRS, men should think of hair transplant after 20 years. The specialists don't recommend it for those who are younger — the best time for them is to wait the right age and take medicines to slow the baldness process. The operation longevity depends on the number of grafts and the chosen method. Hair transplantation is the only method to fight baldness and restore the hair.
Missing even a single aftercare step could jeopardize the chances that your hair will continue to grow back on its own, at which point you may have to endure the procedure again. When choosing a center, it is essential to get good advice and go to clinics. Having a more significant number of patients going to Turkey to treat baldness, offering very cheap surgery without adequate health care guarantees has led to the emergence of unreliable business.

Although the prices are slightly expensive, it is a place that deserves it. Organizing many medical centers for distinguished and enjoyable tourist tours of the best famous landmarks on the Turkish level. Therefore, the centers may try to cover the lack of experience among specialists by reducing the cost of the surgeries. Together, we will learn more about the most important techniques and differences that can be tested in the Nano FUE technique.
The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey may be lower; the same intervention in the United States is more than five times. The ARTAS procedure removes hair from the donor location with a small punch, so there are no leftover scars as with traditional transplant procedures. Performed under local anesthesia, the robot moves quickly and efficiently —approximately 25 percent faster than human hair transplant surgery.

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