Lalique Encre Noire ~ Fragrance Review

I wrote a longer review but accidentally killed it by refreshing the page. It's the wearable version of L'Extreme (which I'd only wear if I were to actually go outside near or in foresty nature) with a not as intense sweet Resin note. People who say this smells like death must be city folk.
Cognoscenti claim it returned to form in 2019. I won't say scent wearers find this aroma very pleasing, however, your entourage will respect anyone who wears it unconditionally. The forest fire raged and ravaged the lush green forest here, stealing all life and leaving nothing but scorched soil and dust. Cypress tree corpses systemically dismembered, and dismantled in the rampage where only roots are left behind, smoking embers as far as the eye can see. There’s just bare earth, a slow decay of vegetation and dirty vetiver roots now holding integrity of this desolation together. And from this darkness will be a bold new future, a reset, a rebirth. A man emerges from the embers, bold and unafraid to stand up in amidst the darkness.

The drydown is both woody and musky, very smooth and balanced. To me it is a perfect example for a shared/unisex scent.
A few reviewers have described this as smelling like depression which, while I respect their opinion (it made me buy it! Thanks!!), is not a place I quite get to. To me it smells like a man who has embraced a certain sadness, but still moves forward with a sense of survival and optimism. The woods that come from the skin for 8+ hours suggest a contemplative depth. I see this as a scent associated with books and learning. I see a man lost in thought, walking in the woods then back to a warm den to solve a life problem with help from long-dead philosophers. This scent suggests a connection with the past that is able to live in modern times and keep up with the news.

The whole thing feels seamless and bold, but at no point does the fragrance feel loud of intrusive, in fact I would say it’s best described as quietly confident. Like I said I also use my colognes a lot during the summer and Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal checks both cologne and vetiver boxes. Perfumer Jerome Epinette uses a higher distilling fraction of vetiver which produces a much greener, less heavy, woody vetiver source. Epinette weaves it into a traditional cologne structure of citrus, orange blossom, and cedar. The unique raw material turns this Vetiver into an opaque vetiver breeze and because it is a cologne absolue this breeze blows all day long.
With a hint of green notes in it, and a hint of floral also. Giving a touch of freshness to the scent. Great smell, strong woody and subtle vetivery.
I label this as a spring scent because it is far from a beachy summer scent. If you're wondering, I have also tried the Sport version, which IMO smells very similar to IM L'eau D'issey. It's a more aquatic and citrusy take on the original.

Encre Noire is green, vetivery and bitter. If that's what you like in fragrances then this is for you. I thought it was something extremely daring, definitely not versatile and not for everyone. This smells like Vampire Bill from the HBO series True Blood. A sophisticated, mysterious and masculine 200 year old vampire in deep Louisiana woods.
It’s how an abandoned bonfire smells like. Wood of coniferous trees has that peppery smell of a burned resin when it cools down-that’s what you’ll be spraying yourself with. The first spray was a bit too smoky and reminded me a bit of an ashtray.

Not for everyone, more masculine but a strong woman could easily wear it. I'm really a big Vetiver fan and I've already tried a lot of visit here things. So this vetiver is not the pinnacle of creation. Because if it was even more drastic, it would never have been such a success.
I mean… I really love Sycamore or Terre d’Hermmes openings but this one was that strong that it made me nauseous. I was very disappointed because I really wanted to like this frag. After 1 hour, I started to get the feeling of liking it more and more to the point of loving it! The dry down is significantly better than the opening and the woody note comes into the game altogether with a marked Iso e super note . This is a first ever woody fragrance I love. My type of scent is sweet gourmand, but this one is an exception. A soft woody notes is the main core of this fragrance.

Ropion has made the perfect vetiver fragrance when I am wearing my linen ensemble at a summer outdoor event. It has a perfect casual sophistication for the season. What sets this apart is the “floral ozone accord” which energizes the vetiver in the heart. The vetiver here feels more virtually alive than in any other vetiver I own. All of this lands on a base of smoky resinous wood as myrrh, oakmoss, sandalwood, and musk complete this.
Sprayed too much on my first go and it was a borderline nauseating experience. More synthetic than expected, with ink coming through a lot. Brings to mind accidentally ending up with a mouthful of ink after chewing on the end of biro. There is a kind of sickened, chemical, deep sea mood to it, like a dark green nautical-themed kids' shampoo/shower gel. It has good longevity and projection as well. I am looking to part with my used bottles on the cheap.
Shoulders back and eyes forward, he walks from the ash into the light. Definitely a walk through a dark forrest on a rainy day scent with a clean base. It's a very good quality perfume, with just few notes consisted. To me it's really light, no projection, close to the skin, basically a skin scent. As plenty of reviewers stated already, the scent is very faint, even after I applied 5 sprays to different parts of my body. You do pickup the musky woodsy scent on the initial spray, but its hard to notice, well at least to my nose.

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