Best Coworking Spaces In Italy

WeWork, the global coworking network helping companies and people growing, has announced its arrival in Italy. The first space in collaboration with Generali Real Estate , same partner for one WeWork office in Paris, and an additional one with a capacity of 1,100 workstations in a property managed by Savills Italy Two strategic locations in the center of Milan, next to transportations hubs such us the MRT station.
They don't only seek to break their isolation and to find an alternative solution to their home office or to the company office they are used to working from, but also belong to a community of individuals who are open to exchanging ideas and who collaborate to develop their businesses.

If I managed to explain, that I thought tourism destinations and rural areas could profit from a new type of tourist” attracted by Coworking Spaces and that, vice versa, Coworking Spaces could profit from existing tourism in the areas they are located in, many people were skeptical.
Even a hidden corner, if well designed, can turn into a great place of work and unexpected strength of the project Spaces Milano relies on combining rovereto the informal model of this kind of spaces with the sensible aesthetic and rigorousness of the city, of its buildings and its entrances.

A new concept of workplace that integrates modern and elegant space design and services that support flexible work within a context that facilitates the creation of synergies between the entrepreneurial fabric of the territory and the Copernico network.
Moving up, the fifth floor is home to The Loft, a private space available for event hosting, while the second, third and fourth floors feature open plan workstations for Microsoft employees, with different areas designed for various different workflows.

The full program of professional events and hospitality services, and the inspiring sophisticated European design of our business clubs, involves people in the buzz and energy of Spaces, and make them feel at home. It has for sure reshaped the way we work, talk and connect; which is why the office space is changing, closer to a virtual dimension than it was before.
13 floors play host to offices, coworking spaces, a library, meeting rooms and a café. The old idea of a still, unique office is shifting to different concepts of work spaces, often shared and temporary, likely distributed in different cities following business and Customer requirements.
For remote professionals looking to cowork from a shared office, there are a variety of coworking spaces in Italy that can accommodate the needs of startup teams, freelancers, and even large corporations. The space is open to suggestions for the booking of special events, and has been open to coworking since November 2012 under the group Cowo”.

Our Innovation School delivers training programmes and courses for both individuals and companies. Moreover, the service of virtual office, also provided by coworking spaces, is ideal for freelancers or entrepreneurs who spend most of their time travelling. With 13 offices around the world, and two on the outskirts of central Milan, there's a reason why this coworking venture is on the rapid rise.
At Copernico, the spaces are designed to strengthen a sense of community - and encourage serendipitous encounters. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur or a corporate intrapreneur, at Spaces we help our community to expand their horizon. IHM opened in Milan in 2010 following the growing need of a space for social innovation in the city.

Name: IULM Innovation Lab Co-working Space. Over 268 thousand members work from the WeWork locations all over the world, and the affiliated companies span from startups to medium and large companies. Every floor has its own space stocked with a business-class printer, office supplies and a paper shredder.

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