Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers

Atlanta, Georgia is a wonderful city that has a lot of great attributes for people living there as well as the many tourists that visit there annually. While the parents can pursue compensation for the medical Auto Accident Attorney costs related to treating the child's injuries , the child can seek compensation for pain and suffering, as well as any future medical expenses and lost earning capacity after they become an adult.
We've handled them all very successfully - everything from business torts, whistleblower and class action cases to premises liability, car accidents , trucking accidents, auto & tire defects, nursing home, wrongful death and environmental contamination cases.

Personal injury claims include road traffic accidents, work accidents, tripping accidents, assault or battery claims, product defect injury or death cases, medical malpractice and dental negligence which results in a failure to exercise due care claim.
Whether a client has suffered a motor vehicle accident of any kind, a catastrophic injury, a premises liability related harm, a workplace accident, or negligent healthcare, Attorney Clay provides aggressive and relentless representation inside and outside of the courtroom.

Whether it involves helping you receive the best possible medical care, handling the grueling process of collecting evidence, negotiating for what you need, or fighting to make sure you receive it, we are fully prepared to deliver the legal representation that you and your family deserve.
Injury victims, families, and referring lawyers can rely on the Atlanta personal injury lawyers at Harris Lowry Manton LLP, to conduct thorough case analysis, apply the most current and relevant law, and use compelling arguments to obtain justice in state and federal court.
We believe that this attention to detail and commitment to excellence gives our clients the best form of representation so that their legal interests are fully and fairly represented in every court in Georgia, both inside and outside the Atlanta area.

If you have been the victim of an injury caused by someone else in Atlanta, the lawyers at Ausband & Dumont understand just how devastating the repercussions can be, and we work to help our clients fight for the justice they deserve for their pain and suffering.
While the bus company and their insurance provider failed to accept fault for the accident, Attorney Kalka fought relentlessly and secured a $2.25 million settlement to cover our client's medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium for his wife.

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