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We are International Babysitters, a professional babysitting agency, covering the beautiful city of Florence, Italy and now expanding to cover many other Italian resorts. rate of cesarean section in the Lazio region of Italy is one of the highest in the Western world, 26.5%. In order to evaluate the effects of nonmedical factors on cesarean section, we examined its relationship to the characteristics of maternity units in the collected data from the birth certificates of 91,557 infants born to women residing in Lazio in 1988-1989 and classified all maternity units in the region by method of financing (public, semiprivate with arrangements with the national health service, and completely private) and level of obstetric care (unclassified and levels I, II, and III).
A potential confounding relationship between socioeconomic and migrant status has been identified in explaining health disparities 38 and migration-related health inequalities are found to be reduced after adjustment for social class 30. This effect is observed also in our study, but only for the better educated migrant women who tend to have results similar to Italians, possibly in part due to the foreigners from developed countries.

Immediately after its creation, the World Health Organization established a commission of experts on polio, which played a fundamental role in coordinating the activities at national Badante and international levels, spreading the new discoveries and techniques, and increasing knowledge of the disease, its epidemiology, the therapeutic and the post-disease treatments.
Regional governments, through the regional health departments, are responsible for ensuring the delivery of a benefits package through a network of public population-based health care organizations (local health authorities), public hospital trusts and accredited private providers (Ministero della Salute, 1992 , 2006 , 2009a , 2010a ).

On 15 March 2005, Amnesty International's Secretary General Irene Khan wrote a letter to the Minister of the Interior, Giuseppe Pisanu, asking him to respect international standards regarding transparency of places of detention and to allow Amnesty International representatives access to immigration detention facilities.
The space here is not enough to explain this complicated matter, but the incentives-disincentives of the payment mechanisms are different, and our current US system incentivizes overutilization of services and over investment in technology, which forces providers to utilize more of it, even if not necessary, simply to recoup the depreciation costs.
Even if it is not possible to define the total expenditure for the regulation of this market in Italy (no databases are available), empirical evidence shows that very few care workers and families are subject to (and benefit from) the existing regulations.

Crossref PubMed Scopus (20) Google Scholar See all References A foreign individual does not pay direct contributions to benefit from the SSN coverage and need only to be a resident of Italy or a citizen of an EU country to receive the same health benefits as an Italian.

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